What is recommended in bathing the corpse is:

1. The body is wearing a robe.

Bathing the corpse with the body wearing a robe is more cover the body’s aurat. The clothes are old, thin and loose, making it easy to splash water on the body. If you don’t have a robe, just use a cloth that covers the area between your navel and knees.


2. Bathing the corpse in a quiet place.

That is in a place where there is no one except the person who washes the corpse, the person who helps wash it and the guardian. Because sometimes there is something in a corpse that needs to be hidden.

3. Bathing under the roof.

This means bathing the corpse in a place where the top is not open because there is a ceiling/roof covering it so that the body is more covered.

4. Bathing the corpse in a high place.

For example, bathing the corpse on the bed so that the body is not splashed with water used to bathe the corpse.

5. Cover the corpse’s face with a cloth.

Cover the corpse’s face with a cloth since it is stored in the place where the corpse is bathed.

6. It is recommended to close the eyes.

It is advisable to close the eyes of the person who washes the corpse and the person who helps him from seeing other than the body’s aurat and it is obligatory to close his eyes from seeing the nakedness of the corpse unless his wife or husband is only makruh. Unless there is a need to see it, such as the need to know which part of the body is going to be washed, then that’s okay. Touching the law is the same as seeing, if you see the law is unlawful, then touching it is also unlawful, like touching an object that is between the navel and the knee. So those who bathe the corpse must wear gloves to be safe from touching objects between the navel and knees.

7. Bathing the body with cold water.

It is advisable to bathe the corpse with cold water because it strengthens the body of the corpse so that it does not rot quickly as meat that is put in the freezer or refrigerator will last longer or not rot quickly. Except in very cold weather or the dirt stuck to the body of the corpse is difficult to clean except with warm water, warm water is recommended. Salt water is better than fresh water.

8. Prepare a large container of water.

It is recommended to prepare a large container of water while slightly away from the place where the body is bathed so as not to get splashed by the water that has been used to bathe the corpse.

9. Rubbing the Stomach of the Body.

It is recommended to gently press the stomach of the corpse with the left hand while pushing it down so that the dirt in the stomach comes out. And so that after the body is bathed no dirt comes out again. The position of the corpse when the stomach was pressed was in a sitting position while leaning slightly back. This is done before washing the corpse.

10. Burning fragrance.

Burning the fragrance that spreads the fragrance from the first bath to the end, even if it is the body of Muhrim (who died during ihram). To keep the bad smell out of the corpse or to make angels descend.

11. Increase pouring water.

When removing excrement from the stomach of the corpse, it is recommended to be accompanied by pouring water on the feces so that the essence and smell of the feces will disappear.

12. Clean the vaginal opening and anal canal.

It is recommended to clean the vaginal opening and anal canal and clean the surrounding dirt with hands wrapped in a cloth or wearing gloves.

13. Brushing the corpse’s teeth.

Then it is recommended to take another cloth and attach it to the moistened left arm to brush the teeth of the corpse. But it is not allowed to open the corpse’s teeth because it is feared that water will enter the body’s stomach which will accelerate the decay.

14. Wrap the little finger of the left hand.

Then it is recommended to wrap the little finger of the left arm with a cloth to remove dirt in the nostrils of the corpse.


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