Ruling on Men Praying at Home


Ruling on Men Praying at Home

Muslimcreed – For each Muslim, hoping 5 times a day is a responsibility that must be followed, because it’s the main pillar of religious beliefs and is regulated straight by Allah SWT, so that His slaves constantly hope and prostrate to Allah SWT. The following will discuss the legislation of guys hoping in your home which is seldom known. What’s the legislation?

Meaning of prayer (sholat)

petition originates from Arabic which means ‘prayer’ while inning accordance with the call petition is extremely worthy worship and starts with reading takbiratulikhram and finishes with saying introductions of course with the terms that have been taught by the Qur’an and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.

In the petition, all words and activities that consisted in the columns of the petition in it, have certain significances and significances that aim to bring the slave better to His Developer by hoping, the person’s belief will increase and will be more scared by doing all tasks that are not such as by Allah SWT.

The legislation of congregational prayer (sholat)

The congregational petition is highly suggested in Islam. The proof for this suggestion can come from the words of the Prophet Muhammad himself and the activities that were used by the Prophet Muhammad. In a hadith told by al-Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet SAW said, “Petition in the parish is twenty-seven levels better compared to hoping alone.” (Told by Bukhari and Muslim)

Some scholars have various viewpoints regarding the legislation of hoping in the parish: some suggest that hoping in the parish is fardhukifayah, this opinion is the greatest and amongst the scholars that follow this opinion is Imam al-Nawawi. While Imam al-Rafi’I said that hoping in the parish is a muakkadsunnah.

The following is the information of hoping in parish right into 7 laws written by Hasan container Ahmad Al-Kaf:

1. Fa’rdhua’ain congregational petition, it’s obligatory to do it and particularly on Friday for each guy. If Friday prayers are not performed in the parish, the legislation is void.

2. Congregational prayers are fardhukifayah in the context of the 5 everyday obligatory prayers for individuals that can carry them out and stay. Fardhukifayah means cumulative responsibility. If there are currently some individuals that do it, the various other community responsibilities have dropped. On the various other hand, if no one does it, the entire town community can transgress.

3. Prayers in the parish are sunnah prayers that are recommended in parishes, such as the prayers for both vacations: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, and istisqa prayers.

4. Congregational prayers are considered permissible in sunnah prayers that are not recommended in the parishes, such as the dhuha and caretaker prayers.

5. Congregational prayers are considered khilafulula if the imam to hope exists, while the maximum is the intention to earn up, or the other way around.

6. Hoping in the parish is makruh if the clergyman is an evil individual.

7. The congregational petition is haraam, although the petition is still legitimate, if it’s performed in the ghosob location, or prays ashore that is looted or obtained from unlawful means.

Judgment on guys hoping in your home

For guys, there are a lot of questions that discuss how is the legislation for guys that hope in your home? Rasulullah SAW said, “Whoever hears the call to petition but doesn’t fulfill the call (doesn’t come to the mosque), after that there’s no petition for him beside the reason.” This hadith was told by Imam Muslin and others that the Carrier of Allah (SAW) said to a blind individual, “Did you listen to haya ‘alas shalahhayya ‘alalfalah? After that he replied “yes I listened to” the prophet said, “If so after that fulfill the call because I didn’t find any rukhshah for you.”

Guys are highly encouraged to hope in the mosque, because if he doesn’t hope in the parish in the mosque without the syar’i reason, after that he is consisted of in the team that violates spiritual legislation, specifically overlooking to hope in the parish. Not just violating but leaving among the obligatory methods, specifically hoping in the parish at the mosque. Whereas by hoping in the parish in the mosque, after that he will obtain a huge reward. Guys that don’t hop in the parish in the mosque, after that gradually start to leave Islamic legislation, to leave the congregational petition, of course, there’s no need for many factors that he cannot do it, for whatever factors, after that hoping in the parish in the mosque is obligatory for individuals guy

The development of age such as this, of course, it’s very easy to find a mosque that’s about us, of course, that’s what should make the spirit of hoping with each other in the mosque, the mosque will still have its function because it can be used for congregational prayers for guys and not leave the mosque empty and it’s not used at the moment of the petition, with the variety of worshipers hoping in the mosque, the more Islamic religious beliefs will develop and more settings up being kept in the mosque.

Because of that, leaving congregational prayers without syar’i reasons is a transgression and also consists of among the significant sins.


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