When you delay prayer

There was a woman who asked Mufti: “How do I wake up my sleeping children for the Fajr prayer?” The Mufti replied to the woman: “What would you do if your house was burned down and at that time your children were sleeping soundly?” The woman said: “I will definitely wake them from their sleep.” Mufti replied: “What if you fall asleep once?” .

Then, the woman replied: “I swear by Allah, I will wake them up until they wake up, if they don’t wake up too, I will drag them by dragging them out of the house.” Then, the Mufti replied: “If that is what you are going to do to save your children from the fires of the world, do the same to save them from the fires of hell in .” By: Abuya as-Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi Al-Maliki


The Angels dragged him through the crowd, toward the fiery hellfire.

He screamed with all his might and wondered if someone might be able to help him.

He screamed again while mentioning all the good he had done; how he often helps his parents. How he never missed his fast, never left his prayer, always gave charity and was diligent in reading the Koran.

She kept screaming again, but no one appeared to help her.

The angels kept dragging him down. And… they were getting closer and closer to the crater of hellfire.

He looked back and this was his last hope. He remembered…

Not! Rasulullah SAW said:

“How clean is someone who bathes in the river five times a day from dirt, as is the cleanliness of those who pray five times a day from their sins”

He screamed again with all his might:

“My prayers? My prayer? My prayer?”

The two angels did not stop, and continued to drag him to the edge of the abyss of hell. The soaring firework of hell pierced his face.

He looked back again, but his eyes had dried from any hope and he had nothing left inside of him.

One of the angels rejected him and plunged him into the crater of hell.

He found himself floating and eventually falling into a crater of hellfire that towered over 70 years.

After 70 years of suffering being burned by fire, suddenly he felt his hand being grabbed by an arm.

He was pulled back up.

When he raised his head, he saw a very old man with a long white beard holding his hand.

The man seemed very daive.

While brushing the dust on his body he asked the old man:

“Who are you?”

The old man replied: “I am your prayer”

“Why are you so late to help me? O my prayer, I have been plunged into the fire of hell for 70 years! Why after my body was charred and almost destroyed did you come to save me? why …?.”

The old man smiled as he shook his head and said:

“Did you forget? As long as you lived in the old world you always carried me out at the last moment!!”

“Every time at Maghrib you focus on TV soap operas first..

“Dzuhur you pass, you are more concerned with work than me. Asr and Fajr prayers are also always at the end of time.

“You remember all that??”

The old man’s explanation startled him from sleep…

He woke up and lifted his head from sleep. His entire body was drenched in sweat of fear…

Oh my God.. I had a dream…

But like real..

At that time he also heard the sound of the call to prayer being echoed marking the entry of the Asr prayer time.

He got up quickly and took ablution. He promised never to neglect his prayers again. He realized his mistake now. He has received the most righteous guidance.

Share this story with your family and friends. Maybe you can help them so that from now on they want to pray on time.

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