Stories of Talking Idols Convey the Truth of Prophet Muhammad

 Stories of Talking Idols Convey the Truth of Prophet Muhammad

Muslimcreed – Idols or statues are often used as worship by humans before the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam was sent. Long before that, idols existed at the time of Noah ‘alaihissalam. In the hadith narrated by Imam Al-Bukhari, idols were first made worship at the time of Noah. Noah’s people made statues and named them pious people at that time.

The idols of the Arabs before the Prophet was sent were generally made of stone, wood, iron. Some even made it out of gold and silver. In a narration, it is stated that the idols of the time of the Prophet Muhammad spoke. The idol said: “Muhammad has come.” Shaykh Muhammad bin Abu Bakr Ushfury in his Kitab Al-Mawa’izh Al-‘Usfuriyah cites a narration from Ali bin Abu Talib radhiyallahu ‘anhu that he said: “Once we were with the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam in the early days of the emergence of Islam. 

Suddenly a man riding a camel came towards us. On him and on his camel there were signs that he had traveled and there were also signs of difficulty in traveling. Then he stood up and asked: “Which of you is named Muhammad? ? ” Then we directed the signal towards the Messenger of Allah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. “O Muhammad! Which of the two options is it between you showing what your Lord has commanded me or I showing what my idol has commanded you?” The Messenger of Allah replied: “All right! I alone will show you the teachings that my Lord has commanded.” Then the Messenger of Allah said: “Islam is composed (built) on five foundations.” The man said: “O Muhammad! I am Ghossan bin Malik Al-Amiri. We have an idol where we always slaughter sacrifices in the nearby month of Rajab and worship him with those sacrifices.

Once upon a time there was a man from our population who wanted to slaughter the slaughter. His name is Ushom. When he raised his hand to slaughter, a voice came from the belly of the idol: “O Ushom! Islam has come. Idols are vanity. A person’s rights will be protected. Relatives are connected. The essence of religion has emerged. May peace be upon you, O Ushom! Ushom was happy and went out to tell me. Then we heard about your news, O Messenger of Allah! A few days after that, there was another man named Thoriq about to slaughter the slaughter near the idol.

When he raised his hand to slaughter a voice came from the belly of the idol: “O Thoriq! The true prophet has been sent. There was brought to him a revelation of the Word of Allah, the Most High and Most High. Thoriq went into the crowd and shouted the words of the voice of the idol. it was among the people so that your news convinced us. But we live among people who make lies about you and who justify you.

Three days ago I was about to slaughter a slaughter near an idol. When I raised my hand to slaughter him, I heard a loud voice from the belly of the idol in a clear language: “O Ghossan bin Malik Al-Amiri! The truth of a Prophet descended from Hashim has come in Tuhamah. Those who help him will find salvation and people those who insult him will be disappointed. He is a prophet who guides and invites worship to Allah until the Day of Judgment.” Then the idol jumped off the ground and fell face down. Hearing the story of Ghossan, the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallama read Takbir and was accompanied by his Companions. The man (Ghossan) said. “I have three stanzas. Will you allow me to read them to you?: The Messenger of Allah allowed it. Then Ghossan said: “I hastened my search for (Muhammad) through flat land. And rise to the sandy soils that I may help the best of men with confirmed help. And I will strengthen your bonds (teachings) with mine (heart). I bear witness that Allah is the One True Truth. Islam is the religion that I believe in as long as I am alive.” Thus the story of an idol who can speak conveys the truth of the Prophet Muhammad. Hopefully this story will increase our faith and love for the Prophet Muhammad.

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