Teenagers with Noble Morals, Heaven’s Dream Teens

Teenagers with Noble Morals, Heaven's Dream Teens

Muslim Creed – “Whoever follows a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him the path to Paradise.” (HR. Muslim, no. 2699)

The pandemic, which is still not over, has made students still carry out their virtual learning activities, including the IBS coaching process, which is also still being carried out online. So this study was conducted via a zoom meeting. However, this does not reduce the children’s enthusiasm to learn and continue to learn because of the extraordinary motivation embedded in them. Each study is to foster the basis for the students to continue to be enthusiastic about learning to achieve their dreams and aspirations even though they are still in abnormal conditions due to this pandemic.

In the presentation of the study material tonight, Buya explained that adolescence is the most accessible period to collect good deeds and reach heaven because adolescence has an extraordinary spirit and conditions are still strong. Therefore, Buya advised the students to persistently and earnestly in taking every path that will lead to knowledge, practice it, and teach it to others. Buya also explained that the reason why so many people enter heaven is because of good morals.

“We must be humble; we must always be humble both to God and fellow humans,” said Buya in his explanation.

“We must also always be patient in taking every condition and decision from Allah SWT. For example, at this time, we must be patient and learn from home because of the pandemic case. And this pandemic is a decree from Allah SWT that we must live with sincerity, pleasure, and patience. Be patient with distance and online learning and be patient in participating in the learning process,” said Buya to all study participants who were present

Then Buya continued, “There should not be the slightest feeling of ujub, arrogant and arrogant.”

Birrul Walidain, the main character after the prohibition of associating partners with Allah SWT and also one of the doors of heaven, jihad in the way of Allah SWT, being forgiving and easy to forgive, always grateful to Allah SWT for every condition and situation and all of you must love obedience, his heart must always be adrift to obey and worship Allah swt,” said Buya to all the students who were listening to the study

In addition, Buya explained that many things plunge people into hell, namely the tongue, mouth, and genitals, that cannot be maintained. The danger of the tongue is backbiting, lying, slandering others, and lying. At the same time, the threat of the mouth is to enter into something that is not rightfully his and is not lawful for him. As for the danger of the genitals, it seems that Allah has explained it in the Syara texts. And may we avoid the risks of all three. Then we must prevent arrogance; Allah SWT has demonstrated that no one will enter heaven with a sense of pride in his heart even if it is only as big as a mustard seed because no human has the right to be arrogant. We have nothing to be proud of in ourselves, our hearts, and our minds. Arrogance belongs to Allah SWT, Allah’s scarf we should not take.

Buya also said that the character of faith sometimes goes up and sometimes down. The quality of faith decreases with disobedience and obedience, so always make it a habit to keep practicing righteousness so that the quality of trust is always in a higher position. The trick is to continue to do bi’ah shalihah in our daily life. Because only by doing righteous deeds the quality of our faith can be maintained. And for that, knowledge is needed.

With knowledge, we get closer to Allah SWT. With expertise, we will be more obedient, and with knowledge, the quality of our faith is always maintained. So use this period of youth and youth to always continue to study with passion. In studies and science forums, one must be enthusiastic and active. Finally, Buya again conveyed the importance of paying attention to etiquette in gaining knowledge so that the knowledge gained becomes a blessing.

Hopefully, with the holding of this Friday night study, the knowledge, insight, and understanding of the students and us will be more comprehensive about the importance of studying because it is one of the easy ways to reach heaven. And understand that adolescence and youth are the most appropriate times to gain knowledge, so do it with enthusiasm even though you are still in a BDR condition.

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