Teluh law or witchcraft for Islam and methods of counteracting it

Teluh law or witchcraft for Islam

Teluh law or witchcraft for Islam and methods of counteracting it

Teluh, witchcraft, witchcraft, pellets or the like are included witchcraft that is forbidden by Allah. You may often hear about this dark science. Generally people who use teluh and witchcraft for the realization of something practical or instant desire. In the teachings of Islam, magic does exist. Magic is the power obtained from the encouragement of jinn and demons. Teluh and witchcraft are included in acts of magic and these actions are cursed by Allah.

As Muslims who believe in Allah SWT and the Messenger, never deal with dark magic or witchcraft because the risk can be critical of the salvation of the soul.

Teluh and witchcraft are included in magic, this act is a big sin, because it can cause destruction, and a large negative impact on the human body. For example, eliminating a person’s life, separating husband and wife, closing the truth with falsehood and so on.

The application of shamanism is undeniably still very strong in some areas in Indonesia. Dark arts, witchcraft, witchcraft, teluh, pellets and so on are believed to still exist.

Islamic Spiritual Expert Kang Sudiro said that many people go to shamans for various reasons.

Such as jealousy, hurt or indeed intending to commit crimes and so on.

“Many people are jealous and also hurt, and even come to shamans to commit crimes and such,” said Kang Sudiro, as quoted from his YouTube video.

“And they do not understand and recognize the effects and consequences that can also hit themselves if he arrives and asks for encouragement from people who practice dark magic or who carry out witchcraft applications,” he added.

He explained, basically people who come to the shaman, among others, want to do teluh, witchcraft, pellets and the like.

“This is because in him there is a sense of jealousy and hatred that is blind so that he wants to quickly make his victim suffer from a disease,” he said.

He emphasized that every crime or use of dark magic has consequences and risks to be accepted.

“Know all my brothers who are blessed by Allah subhanahu wa taal, every act of crime and also the user of dark magic of course has consequences and risks that will be accepted,” he said.

“And even can criticize for his own safety,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, Kang Sudiro said that people who come to a shaman and want to commit some kind of crime, pesugihan, or so on, of course there are conditions that must be fulfilled.

“If not, life will be at stake. Because that person has made an agreement with the jinn and demons,” said Kang Sudiro.

If people who want to send witchcraft and this kind of thing run aground, he said, they can turn to themselves and their families.

“So don’t ever play with dark magic and carry out agreements with shamans,” he said firmly.

“Just as you play with fire where you can’t put out the fire, instead you want to burn yourself,” he said.

A preacher from West Java, Ustaz Aam Amirudin said, cooperation or cooperation between jinn and humans is possible. But it is an act of sin.

The thought of Islamic teachings is very hard if magic or witchcraft is a type of polytheism and in the holy book the Qur’an, An-Nisaa 48 says that the perpetrator of witchcraft is not forgiven by Allah SWT.

Rasulullah saw said

In the hadith above, it can be seen, if a friend asked the Prophet about his prohibition to avoid the 7 major sins. After that the Apostle responded: shirk to Allah, magic, killing the soul which is forbidden by Allah except by the right method, usury, eating the wealth of orphans. Running away from the battlefield and accusing the Muslim women of being negligent.

Likewise the method of dealing with it, is to be protected. But if it is already attacked by witchcraft, it can be cleaned by the meruqyah method. It is a way of cleansing oneself from negative auras, this kind of evil magic.

said Ustadz Ainul Yaqin, getting closer to Allah with the method of multiplying dhikr. Among them are very easy ones, such as multiplying istighfar and reading the writings of muadatain (2 messages of protection) al-Falaq and An Nas.

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