The Benefits of Making Dhikr in the Morning and Evening

The Benefits of Making Dhikr in the Morning and Evening

Muslimcreed – After completing the Fardhu prayer, we are also advised to do dhikr to Him as well. Then how and what are the dhikrs that have been taught by the Prophet? Let us take a look at them now.

What is Dhikr

Dhikr is the act of remembering Allah. It is something that Muslims do throughout the day, during prayers and other times. Dhikr has many benefits, including increasing one’s faith, bringing peace of mind, and improving one’s health. Additionally, dhikr can be done anywhere, at any time.

How does the word Dhikrullah come about?

The word dhikrullah comes from the Arabic root word ḍ-ḥ-r, which means to remember. Dhikr is an important part of Islamic practice and is considered a form of worship. There are many benefits to making dhikr, including increasing your spirituality, gaining Allah’s protection, and improving your mental health.

Benefits of making dhikr

There are many benefits to making dhikr, both in this world and the next. Dhikr is a way of remember Allah and His blessings, and it can help us to stay on the straight path. Dhikr is also a form of worship that can help us to earn Allah’s pleasure.

In addition, making dhikr regularly can help to increase our iman and make us more spiritually aware. Finally, dhikr is a great way to relax and de-stress, as it takes our focus off of our worldly worries and concerns.

Wajib (obligatory) Dhikr

There are many benefits to making dhikr, both obligatory and voluntary. First and foremost, it is a way of remember Allah and His greatness. It also helps to purify our hearts and minds, and can increase our sense of well-being and peace. 

Additionally, dhikr can help us to focus more on the present moment and less on worries about the past or future. Finally, making dhikr is a form of worship that is loved by Allah, and He promises to reward those who do it.

Sunnah (supererogatory) Dhikr

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, There are two moments of joy for a believing man: when he meets his Lord and when he recalls his Lord. Dhikr is one of the best things we can do to connect with Allah, to remember Him, and to feel His presence in our lives.

 The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, Whoever calls to prayer for a good cause shall have a reward like that of its reciters, without their rewards being diminished in any respect. There are many hadiths that discuss dhikr after the Fardhu prayer. 

Some say one should recite takbir before starting to recite dhikr while others say it is alright to do so after completing dhikr. It is however advised that if you feel comfortable with takbir then go ahead and make it part of your recitation but don’t stop from it if you don’t know how or when to do it.

Recommended ways to make dhikr

There are many benefits to making dhikr, especially in the morning and evening. First, it helps us remember Allah and His blessings. Second, it helps us focus on our goals for the day. Third, it helps us stay motivated throughout the day. 

Fourth, it reminds us of our purpose in life. Fifth, it keeps us from becoming distracted by worldly concerns. Sixth, it helps us stay on track with our spiritual journey. Finally, it is a way of showing our love and appreciation for Allah.

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