The Greatness of the Prayer of the Prophet Khidir and Surah Al-Waqi’ah

The Greatness of the Prayer of the Prophet Khidir and Surah Al-Waqi'ah

Muslimcreed – When practicing the Prayer of the Prophet Khidir, it can also be accompanied by Surat Al-Waqiah which is known to have the virtue of facilitating sustenance. 


In addition, by practicing Surah Al-Waqiah there will also be some miracles, as follows.

1. Verse of a thousand dinars

People often refer to Surah Al Waqiah as the verse of a thousand dinars. Because it is considered as an opener of sustenance if it is practiced every day.

2. Keep away from poverty

A great reward will be obtained by someone who reads the letter Al Waqiah every night. In addition to reading regularly, it can keep a person from poverty for the rest of his life.

Moreover, by reading the Makiyyah letter 14 times after performing the Asr prayer or sitting in one sitting, the wealth obtained by that person will be abundant.

3. Bringing intercession on the Day of Judgment

4. Be made a generous rich

In order for someone to become a rich person, it is safe from this Al Waqiah letter to be read 3 times after completing the dawn prayer.

5. Teach the science of monotheism

In the letter Al Waqiah it does not directly explain the verse about wealth, sustenance and the like. However, this surah teaches about monotheism which makes a person believe in Allah SWT.

6. Provided peace

The procedure for the practice of the Prophet Khidr’s prayer, as follows:

– Prepare a container made of clay.

– Fill the container with rainwater that falls directly from the sky, without being blocked by tiles, leaves, and others.

– Fast for seven days and every night take the water in the container then read the Prophet Khidr’s prayer 3333 times, then blow it into the water.

The water that has been prayed for with the prayer of the Prophet Khidr can be drunk everyday. And it is also used to break the 7-day sunnah fast. With the permission of Allah SWT, whoever practices it with sincere intentions for the sake of Allah alone will get brain intelligence.

The Importance of Prayer According to Islam

1. Worship

The main purpose of prayer is to worship Allah SWT and worship is obligatory for Muslims. Worship itself is the noblest thing that can be done and shown to Allah SWT.

2. Put your trust in Allah

Another virtue of praying is as proof that we put our trust in Allah SWT. With us as diverse people who pray to Allah SWT, we have submitted everything that happens in life to Allah SWT.

3. Showing the power of God

Prayer in Islam can show the power of Allah SWT. Therefore, another virtue of prayer is to show that only Allah SWT is the Almighty.

By praying, it means that we as Muslims have realized that Allah SWT has given us all the pleasures and accepted all our repentance.

4. Increase piety

Praying is the same as interacting with Allah SWT or communicating with Him. So that people who pray will get closer to Allah SWT. The way to increase faith and piety to Allah SWT is to get closer to Allah SWT. So it is recommended for Muslims to balance all the efforts in the world by praying.

5. To keep disaster away

Praying to Allah SWT is also done to ask for help so that they are always kept away from disasters in any form. However, there is one thing that needs to be known that the prayer that we pray can actually be postponed and replaced with something else which according to Allah SWT is much better than what was asked for.

6. To be kept away from the wrath of Allah SWT

According to a hadith, Allah will feel angry if we as his people never ask or pray to Him. Therefore, so that we do not make Allah SWT angry, we must pray and ask Him.

7. The heart becomes calm

Another way to make our hearts calm is one of them by praying. Whatever we are going through and feeling, pray for the heart to be much calmer. Praying in Islam is believed to be a way so that humans can live in this world and in the hereafter peacefully.

8. To be kept away from the estuary

Praying is also a way for mankind in Islam to keep away from harm and find the door of mercy from Allah SWT.

9. Can know Allah SWT

With us as Muslims praying, we can know Allah SWT well from what we have prayed for and Allah SWT has given. The prayer that is said is a form of our belief in Allah SWT that He is the Most Sufficient and Most Loving.

10. Eliminate despair

For those of you who feel that while in this world you have experienced despair and feel unable to finish it, then pray. Allah SWT will listen to the complaints of his sincere people. Rest assured with strong faith that Allah SWT will help you and eliminate that despair and provide the best solution to the problems you are experiencing.

11. As gratitude

By praying means we are also grateful for what has been given by Allah SWT. When we get abundant sustenance and enjoyment, be grateful and keep praying so that good things can always come to us. With gratitude that we often mention, we will get closer to Allah SWT.

That is the prayer of the Prophet Khidir that can be read when we feel we are getting difficulties and calamities given by Allah SWT. Hopefully those who are having a wish or wish come true soon, don’t forget to keep praying.

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