The Importance of Feeling Enough, Inspect Out the Benefits of a Simple Life Inning accordance with Islam

The Importance of Feeling Enough, Inspect Out the Benefits of a Simple Life Inning accordance with Islam Islam doesn’t such as everything is excessive, the benefits of simple life include benefits and many others.

You must have listened to the call “Anything over is bad,” right? Because Islam motivates its individuals to live a simple life.

Allah SWT forbids any one of His individuals that prefer to exceed the limit or be excessive. As He says in the following Quran:

“O Individuals of the Book, don’t be overemphasizing (past the limit) in a manner that’s not really in your religious beliefs. And don’t follow the lusts of those that have gone astray before (before the arrival of Muhammad) and they have led astray most (of mankind), and they have strayed from the straight course.” (Surat al-Ma’dah: 77)

So, it’s very clear that Islam doesn’t such anything excessive, consisting regards lifestyle.

The Benefits of a Simple Life Inning accordance with Islam

There are many benefits of living a simple life inning accordance with Islam so you and your family should not live a lot. Here are the benefits of a simple life which contains the benefits

1. Avoid Arrogance

The first benefit of a simple life is to protect Muslims from arrogance. This is because individuals that live simply will usually be more simple.

It’s necessary to know that arrogance is a characteristic that should be avoided because it very does not like by Allah SWT. As it’s written in the following Quran:

“Certainly, He doesn’t such as those that are arrogant.” (Surat an-Nahl: 23)

In another divine verse, Allah SWT says which means, “And don’t transform your face far from people (because of satisfaction) and don’t stroll on the planet arrogantly. Verily, Allah doesn’t such as those that are happy and happy.” (Surat Luqman: 18)

Rasulullah SAW also discussed that if Muslims are arrogant, they’ll become residents of heck.

Harithah container Wahb Al Khuzai’i said that he listened to the Carrier of Allah (SAW) say, “Will I inform you about individuals of Heck? They are all difficult and impolite individuals, money-grubbing and money-grubbing, and takabbur (arrogant).” (Told by Bukhari and Muslim).

In another hadith told from Abdullah container Mas’ud radhiyallahu ‘anhu from the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, he said:

“No one will enter Heaven that has in his heart the dimension of a mustard seed.” Someone asked, “What about someone that prefers to wear nice clothes and shoes?” He replied, “Verily Allah likes beauty and beautiful. Arrogance is rejecting the belittling others and reality.” (HR. Muslim)

2. Be a Thankful Muslim

The next benefit of simple life is to earn and family of humans that are constantly thankful to Allah SWT.

With a simple life, the family in your home will constantly feel enough for everything that’s provided by Allah SWT.

Additionally, a life filled with simpleness will also make you and your family constantly use everything wisely, as not exceedingly, and needed.

As the following words of Allah SWT that motivate His individuals to constantly be thankfully are listed below.

“Therefore, remember Me, I will remember (also) you, and be thankful to Me, and don’t reject Me (favors).” (Surat al-Baqarah: 152)

Still, in the same letter, specifically Al-Baqarah verse 172, Allah SWT also says:

“O you that think, consume of the great nourishment We have provided you and be thankful to Allah if it’s Him you worship.”

Muslims that are constantly thankful for the true blessings that have been provided by Allah SWT will also obtain a benefit.

“Anything that has life will not pass away other than by Allah’s consent, as an established time. Whoever wishes the reward of this globe, We’ll certainly give him the reward of this globe, and whoever wishes the reward of the hereafter, We’ll give him the reward of the hereafter. And we’ll reward those that are thankful.” (Surat Ali Imran: 145)

3. Avoiding Wasteful Habits

Another benefit of living a simple life is to prevent you and your family from wasteful habits.

This is because a simple life can produce a feeling of appreciation on your own so that it will not be excessive or lavish in your lifestyle.

Allah SWT prefers His slaves that use their riches in small amounts (simple). As His word complies with:

“And (consisting of the slaves of God the Most Merciful) those that, when they invest (wealth), they are not excessive, and are not (also) stingy, in between both normally.” (Surat al-Furqon: 67)

On the various other hand, someone that constantly lives exceedingly usually tends to have permissible products (extra) which may lead to wasteful habits. This habit isn’t commendable because it’s consisted of such as squandering the favor of Allah SWT.

Allah SWT doesn’t such as Muslims that act extravagantly. Allah SWT says, “Certainly, the spenders are the siblings of Satan and the evil one is a total disbeliever in his Lord.” (Surat al-Isro ‘: 27)

Kinds of Simple Life

After understanding the benefits of living a simple life in Islam, here are a variety of simple ways to live that are suggested.

1. Simple in regards to real estate

Among the simple ways of living that are suggested inning accordance with Islam is simple regard to real estate. This can be exemplified in the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

The spouse of the Prophet Muhammad, whose name was Aisyah, explained, “…Certainly, the bed of the Carrier of Allah is comprised of pet skins, while the components are hand coir.” (H.R. At-Tirmizi)

The meaning of the hadith is to motivate Muslims not to be lavish regarding real estate. Enough to fit your needs and make the place to live comfortably by the religious beliefs of Islam.

2. Simple in How to Dress

Aside from the place of home, Islam also advocates simpleness in how to dress.

Allah SWT says which means, “O child of Adam, wear your beautiful clothes in every (going into) mosque, consume and drink, and don’t exaggerate it. Verily, Allah doesn’t such as those that are lavish.” (Surat al-A’raf: 31)

The Prophet Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam also said, which means, “Keep away from an elegant lifestyle. Verily, the slaves of Allah are not luxurious individuals.”

3. Simple in Satisfying Food Needs

Additionally, Muslims are encouraged to be moderate in meeting their everyday drink needs and food.

Allah SWT says in the Qur’an Al-A’raf verse 31 means, “…Consume and drink and don’t exaggerate it. Verily, Allah doesn’t such as those that are lavish.”

That’s the benefit of living a simple life together with the advice of a simple life inning accordance with Islam. Let’s practice it in our everyday life,

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