Entering modern times, humans only believe in the power of matter which is supported by science and technology as a result of scientific research that relies on the power of the five senses and the mind, namely through observation, experimentation and field studies. 


They view that all their needs can be overcome by materials, science and technology. They view that the spiritual mentality taught by religion only leads to setbacks; religion is only the opium of society; religion is only a means of entertainment for those who are unable to compete; religion teaches setbacks and so on. However, this view of life that leaves the spiritual mentality taught by religion has failed. 

They are unable to prevent moral decadence, conflict and war, environmental damage, drug trafficking, capitalistic and monopoly economic practices, prostitution, misuse of information technology, and so on. In addition, the lives of those who live with material things have experienced loneliness, split personalities, their lives are very fragile, anxious, confused, giddy, stressed, and unprepared to face life’s tests; when faced with problems, they go to entertainment venues, drink alcohol, take drugs, even commit suicide, and so on.

In order to overcome these problems, they need spiritual mental support. For this reason, they began looking for activities for spiritual mental development through religious training. Assemblies of Ta’lim in mosques and various places that organize mental and spiritual development have also increased, flash boarding schools, collective dhikr, dhuha lectures, i’tikap in mosques, tadarus al-Qur’an, wearing clothes that cover the genitals, consuming goods labeled halal , the use of the sharia financial system, the increasing number of hajj and umrah pilgrims, the tahfidz al-Qur’an program, the publication of religious books, religious pulpits on television, radio, newspapers, social media and others are increasing. This symptom shows that today’s society is in dire need of religion, in order to overcome the increasingly complex problems of life, and save people from moral and moral destruction.

Related to this spiritual mental development, Islam teaches the following things. (1) That in religion, especially in worship always involves the physical, as contained in the teachings of ritual worship, such as prayer, sacrifice and pilgrimage with various movements, readings and so on. 

But it should not stop when the things that are physical, visible and ritualistic have been carried out; but must be accompanied by understanding, understanding and living the spiritual mental message, namely the spiritual aspect, spirituality, spiritual awareness, the ability to see with inner eyes or a pure heart about the verses of Allah, evidence of His power and love, divine whispers, taufik emanations, His guidance and light, His gifts; consciousness will return to Him; live a life in the grave, responsibility in the afterlife. 

Through this spiritual mental awareness based on faith, it is hoped that it will lead to honest, trustworthy, always doing good, sincere, gratitude, ridla, tawakkal, ridla, qana’ah, like to help, kind minded, friendly to the environment, hard work in goodness, and so on. . Ritual worship such as prayer, fasting, sacrifice, pilgrimage and so on must be able to give birth to these spiritual mental values.

Without such a spiritual mental awareness, our worship stops only at meaningless symbols and formalisms, the body without a soul; we live but mentally spiritually we are actually dead. Our life in this world is really like a person who sleeps, even like a dead person, forgets himself, is cradled and beaten by the world, forgets the hereafter, forgets God, Allah SWT, forgets responsibility in the hereafter; he only regained consciousness or woke up from his sleep when he died. 

That is, after death, he just realized, that as long as he lived in the world he was actually dead, unconscious, and asleep, so he did not prepare for life in the hereafter. Such people are considered by the Qur’an to be negligent, forgetful; they are considered fools, because they are not smart in taking advantage of opportunities, they are also forgetful people who do not use their intellect in understanding the nature of all things; nor does he use his heart and senses in formulating various wisdom, wisdom and knowledge, nor does he use it to understand the verses of Allah which are kauniyah (universe) and His verses which are al-tanziliyah which are both the cause of the perfection of faith and the encouragement of the soul to perfect Islam. 

They are the prospective inmates of hell: Inna ahla al-naari, hum al-aghniyaau al-jaahiluuuna al-ghaafiluuuna al-ladziylaayasta’miluuna ‘uquulahum fi fiqhihaqaiq al-umur, waabshaarahumwaasmaaahum fi istimbaathi al-ma’aarifwaistifaadati al-‘ulumwalaa fi ma’rfatiaayaatillah al-kauniyahwaaayaatihi al-tanziliyah, wahumaasababukamaali al-imaaniwa al-baa’isti al-nafsy ‘ala kamaali al-Islam. (See Tafsir al-Maraghy, Volume III: 115-116). This is what is meant by people who forget as stated in the Qur’an suroh al a’raf verse 17.

However, there are now three symptoms of abuse of rituals and spirituality that are less appropriate, or wrong. First, the person who feels proud or proud of his worship, considers himself a saint, a prospective inhabitant of heaven, sees the unaware as an enemy to be fought, feels the most authoritative when it comes to religion and morals. Such people tend to be exclusive, repressf even anarchist in the name of religion. 

Second, people who misuse the symbols of worship and spirituality by using clothing and accessories as spiritual figures, their appearance is arranged in such a way, their words and deeds are arranged in such a way, and in that way many people learn and become followers, but it is a symbol -The symbol of rituality and spirituality is just an accessory, behind it there is a despicable and vile purpose. 

Third, people who use the symbols of ritual and spirituality transactionally. Namely as a tool to remove bad deeds; He was diligent in obligatory prayers, sunnah prayers, reciting the Qur’an, obligatory fasting and sunnah fasting, giving alms, hajj and umrah many times, caring for orphans, the poor and the needy, but at the same time he also committed violations in various fields.

Let us create a balanced life, physical and spiritual, mental spiritual, moral and ethical with praiseworthy words, attitudes and deeds; do not blame the use of worship and ritualistic symbols and spirituality for misguided purposes. We use our worship and spirituality to guide a righteous life for the salvation of life in this world and the hereafter. Amen ya robbal alamiin..

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