The Nature of the Prophet Muhammad in Prominent Muslims: Istiqomah Securely Holding Concepts



The Nature of the Prophet Muhammad in Prominent Muslims: Istiqomah Securely Holding Concepts

The management of the Prophet Muhammad is unquestionable in prominent Muslims. The nature of the Prophet Muhammad can also be imitated by Muslims today.


In the works of Sakdiah, Lecturer of the Faculty of Da’wah and Interaction at UIN Ar-Raniry, management in Islam is a task of guiding, inspiring, guiding, and guiding individuals to count on Allah SWT, by not just doing activities or acting that’s pleasing to Allah SWT.

Islamic management is reflected as Islamic teachings can give design and instructions to the leader, with his management he can change the psychological attitude that is hindering and experienced in a team of individuals or culture.

Among the responsibilities of an Islamic leader is to recommend the team and direct it when necessary to accomplish common objectives. To work, the leader must educate the people and teams under his management, so that they can help themselves, and the community, and over time will provide benefits for the entire community.

Management is an identifying factor for the effectiveness and effectiveness of a company. Thus, the quality of the leader determines the success of the organization or company. This is because an effective leader can manage the company, can influence others constructively, and show the right course that must be done with each other.

The main excellent high top qualities that we must imitate are the 4 high top qualities of the Prophet Muhammad. His management high-top qualities are respected by friends and respected by opponents. He constantly deals with his challengers with great good manners. Various techniques were used by his opponents to quit his struggle but never succeeded. The Prophet stayed steadfast, client, and earnest.

Rasulullah SAW is known to be istiqamah or consistent and stays with the choices that have been decided upon. Knowing stamina and weak points, sticking to concepts and learning from experience, and how to gain from/and deal with others.

The Prophet Muhammad became a good example in bringing out his advice and suggestions, thus producing the Prophet Muhammad’s personality. as a worthy individual. He was an extremely charitable individual to anybody that came and requested help.

In various other resources, Personality in Islam is associated with the attributes of the Prophet Muhammad. He has worthy high-top qualities, specifically Sidiq, Amanah, Fathonah, and Tabligh.

1. Shidiq’s personality consists of a truthful personality and a disciplined personality.

2. The personality of Amanah consists of the personality of effort and the personality of being accountable.

3. The personality of Fathonah consists of the personality of interest, the personality of reading enjoyment, and the personality of innovation.

4. Tablighi personalities consist of ecological treatment, social treatment, and communicative personalities.

The description can be comprehended that the personality of the 4 characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad can be executed in daily life. Without a favorable personality, an individual can easily dedicate acts that hurt and harm themselves and others.

Wallohu a’lam bishowab walhamdulillahi robbil a’alamin.

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