The practice of alms so that the current sustenance does not run out & the angels pray for you

The practice of alms so that the current sustenance does not run out & the angels pray for you

Practice this type of alms so that the current sustenance does not run out, the angels pray 

The profit of alms cannot be calculated by conventional mathematical formulas. An ustad termed alms mathematics. Referring to the teachings of Islam, that one charity will be multiplied into ten, he then formulated this, “ten thousand minus one thousand for alms, the result is nineteen thousand. If two thousand are deducted for alms, the result is twenty-eight thousand”.


That is the mathematical formula for alms, which is the impression of a number of information in the Qur’an and hadith. Allah SWT himself has repeatedly emphasized that alms will not reduce wealth. In layman’s view, wealth does decrease when used for alms. But in the eyes of faith, this is not so.

Not a few people who spend large amounts of money just to make bad deeds or activities successful. Look at the conglomerates who are willing to spend billions of rupiah to organize music performances, leadership candidates who spend millions of rupiah to buy votes, legal suspects who give gratuities trillions of rupiah to bribe judges, and so on.

Bad wealth used in the way of Allah SWT and good wealth used in the devil’s way, both are not worth alms in the eyes of Allah SWT. Alms must meet two criteria, as emphasized in the verse above. That is good wealth that is channeled in the way of Allah SWT. That’s a treasure that is not in vain, because Allah SWT will give double compensation.

Managing assets is not an easy matter. Wealth often brings good luck. But if you use it wrong, the property will actually result in losses. Therefore, Islam provides a complete guide on how to manage wealth so that ownership of property leads to luck, not loss.

One of them is through the teachings of alms. The wealth that is donated, that is the real treasure, because it will last until the afterlife. What is in the hands will be none other than the rights of the heirs.

So that the benefits can still be felt until we return to the hereafter, then the treasure must be spent in the way of goodness while living in this world. More happy, Allah SWT’s reply often does not even have to wait in the afterlife, but He immediately fulfills it when we are still alive in the world, in the form of abundant sustenance.

Sustenance is all the gifts of Allah SWT to maintain life. In life, there are two types of sustenance that Allah SWT gives to humans, namely Sustenance Kasbi (business) and Sustenance Wahbi (gift).

Kasbi’s sustenance is earned through effort and work. But Wahbi’s sustenance comes beyond human predictions, sometimes it doesn’t even require hard work. Because Wahbi’s sustenance is a manifestation of Allah’s nature, then people who like to give alms are very likely to get this last type of sustenance.

There are many verses of the Qur’an and the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad that reveal the benefits of alms. Each of us has the opportunity to benefit as long as we like to give alms with a firm belief in the mercy of Allah SWT. There is no story of poverty because of alms. Nor does anyone open the door of request, but Allah (SWT) opens for him the door of poverty.

Therefore, do not try to calculate the profit of alms with a mathematical formula as we generally calculate the profit from trading or selling our goods.

There is a type of alms that if it is smooth to do this type of alms, then thanks to His permission, our sustenance will always be smooth. What’s that?

Before going to this charity activity, let’s take a moment to remember about the blessings behind this alms. People who give charity will not run out of wealth.

In the Qur’an it is also mentioned, for those who like to give alms, then Allah will expand the sustenance of those who like to give alms.

Alms for smooth sustenance

Well, alms that can bring this sustenance closer are actually in the form of charity practice that we usually do every morning.

There are many simple things that can be done, for example, you can share free breakfast with people in need or just after the morning prayer at the mosque, fill in the charity box or something.

This is as the words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW about alms that should be done when the morning comes. Because, as information from the Prophet, those who gave alms this morning the angels will also pray to him.

Morning is the time to start activities, if we share today, personal happiness can be multiplied. We think, it’s morning but we can do charity with alms.

Alms Doubles Sustenance

Not only charity opens the door of one’s sustenance, but even charity also doubles the sustenance that is in us. The promise of Allah SWT in the Qur’an that Allah SWT will multiply our alms to 700 times. This is in accordance with his word in Surah al-Baqarah verse 261

The virtue of charity

Based on the word of Allah swt in Surah At-Taubah verse 99, alms will bring us closer to Allah SWT. Being close to Allah SWT will ensure the preservation of our sustenance and wealth. That is, the more stingy we are, the further away we will be from sustenance. For that, it is very good for us to start getting used to setting aside some of our sustenance for others, whether it be for parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, or teachers. It is better for people who have family relations to take precedence, then close neighbors, distant neighbors, and so on.

Planning who we will visit to stay in touch and give gifts to him is also very good. It would be very good if on the planning list not only the people we like or who often do us good. Include people who have hated and avoided us, especially from our own families. Give them gifts that are meaningful to them.

Alms or gifts that we give do not always have to be expensive. Importantly, it’s useful, even if it’s simple. The most important thing is the inner atmosphere and sincerity and the way we do it. That’s what will remain. It would never harm us doing all this. If we have not been able to worship properly, rarely tahajjud, rarely fast and pray sunnah, read the new Al-Quran once in a while, it would be nice if we always do good to others. Allah SWT will surely help us.

Nothing will be lost from the sustenance that we spend in the way of Allah SWT. In fact, it is by giving alms that our treasures become eternal. For example, we have ten thousand in cash, we donate two thousand of it, and we use the rest for our own interests. In the view of Allah SWT, the money that is two thousand is our real sustenance that will help us in this world and in the hereafter.

We do not give in charity the excess of our wealth except that Allah will replace everything with something better. No loss. There is only profit. Therefore, until this moment, there is no one who donates sincerely who becomes the poor. Because Allah and His Messenger have promised that with alms, a person will get sustenance, the angels will also pray for goodness and multiply sustenance for people who like to give alms. Indeed, infaq and alms will prevent us from loss, disaster, trouble, and distress.

Alms can also make the heart calm and serene, away from anxiety and mental illnesses. How not, alms will instill a spirit of love and friendship among fellow human beings. Alms can make enemies into friends, enemies into brothers, hate into love. In fact, furthermore, alms that are carried out on an ongoing basis will be able to create a balance in the midst of society so that social inequality and damage to the order of social life can be minimized. Therefore, Rasulullah SAW recommends that we always do good to others.

Hopefully we can routinely do this charity practice so that our sustenance is always smooth. Amen. Wallahu a’lam

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