The Story of Abraha Assaulting the Kaaba with an Military of Elephants



The Story of Abraha Assaulting the Kaaba with an Military of Elephants

Muslimcreed – The story of Abraha assaulting the Kaaba – In the background of Islam, there’s one significant occasion that struck accompany the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, specifically the attack on the Kaaba by Abraha. In this event, it’s told that Abraha assaulted the Kaaba in the city of Capital using an military of elephants. Therefore, the year is called the year of the elephant or ‘aamfiil. This story is believed to have occurred in 570 or 571 AD.


The Story of Abraha Assaulting the Kaaba

Abraha himself was initially an policeman of the Aryath regulate in Habasyah which is currently known as Ethiopia. After defeating DzuNuwas, King of the Himyarempire, Aryath was crowned leader of Yemen. Because of his tyrannical attitude and considered unjust, there was a disobedience led by Abraha. After Aryath’s fatality, Abraha was after that appointed leader of Yemen. Here’s the story of Abraha assaulting the Kaaba together with the factors.

The Factor Abraha Assaulted the Kaaba

Abraha’s desire to attack as well as ruin the Kaaba occurred after several years he became the leader of Yemen. There are 2 factors behind Abharah’s desire to ruin Capital, specifically spiritual factors and financial factors.

In regards to religious beliefs, Abraha is informed that she doesn’t such as or does decline that the Kaaba is the facility of Islam. Moreover, the Kaaba is often visited for the routines of the trip. As a protector of Christianity, Abraha wanted to change the spiritual capital from Capital to Yemen and transform Arab individuals right into Christians.

After that from a financial point of view, as a spiritual facility, of course the city of Capital is the main location that’s often visited by Muslims. This provides a chance for investors to peddle their products. However, Abraha had a wish to change the trading facility to Yemen.

With these 2 factors after that Abraha built a church in Yemen. Knowing this, the disgust of the Arabs as well as Qahthan to Abraha enhanced. They after that ruined the church. The destruction of the church was after that presumably the factor Abraha wanted to ruin the Kaaba.

Attack of the Kaaba with Elephant Soldiers

Abraha listened to that the church he had built was ruined by the Arabs as well as Qahthan. He also plans to take vengeance by ruining the Kaaba. Abraha after that laid out with a large elephant to ruin the Kaaba. Knowing this, King Habasyah, Najasyi also sent out soldiers with 8 elephants. But there are also those that say twelve elephants. They planned to ruin the columns of the Kaaba by using chains connected to the elephant’s neck.

However, Allah SWT after that sent out an infant bird to protect and protect the Kaaba from the assaults of Abraha and his soldiers, as is told in Surah Al-Fiil. Burngababil in great deals after that pelted Abraha’s soldiers with rocks. Many thanks to God’s help, the initiatives of Abharah and his soldiers in ruining the Kaaba failed.

Such is the story of Abraha assaulting the incredibly popular Kaaba. Many thanks to Allah’s help, previously the Kaaba still stands upright and can be used by Muslims around the globe to perform the Hajj.

Wallohu a’lam.

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