The Story of Khalid bin Walid’s Strategic Intelligence in the Mu’tah War by Ustadz Khalid Basalamah



The Story of Khalid bin Walid's Strategic Intelligence in the Mu'tah War by Ustadz Khalid Basalamah

Muslim creed – Initially, Khalid bin Walid was the commander of the Quraysh. The most well-known thing is where the Quraysh troops, led by Khalid, faced the Muslims at the battle of Uhud. Even though his troops had been pushed out, Khalid saw a gap in the Muslim army where he saw Muslim archers starting to descend the hill of Uhud to take the spoils left by the Quraysh. Seeing the disobedience of the Muslim troops, Khalid was able to reverse the situation where his troops circled the hill of Uhud and attacked the Muslims from behind. This makes the Muslims lose.


The beginning of the Muslim Khalid bin Walid was when the Hudaibiyyah agreement, where the agreement contained a 10-year cessation of war in which Muslims were allowed to worship in Mecca. When the Messenger of Allah entered the city of Mecca, Khalid’s brother, al Walid looked for Khalid. But he did not manage to find Khalid who then he sent a letter to him. In the letter, al Walid said how the genius of a Khalid that the Prophet prayed for. to believe in Islam. In the letter also al-Walid asked his brother, Khalid to meet the Prophet and convert to Islam.

When he received the letter, Khalid was happy to know that the Prophet had asked about him. This then made him more determined to follow the religion of Muhammad. He believed that Muhammad was someone who was sent by Allah as a Messenger. Shortly after preparing his horse, he suddenly met Uthman bin Talhah who was a close friend. Then Khalid conveyed his plan to meet the Prophet which in the end Uthman accompanied Khalid to meet the Prophet. On the way, they met Amr bin Ash, who apparently also wanted to meet the Prophet to convert to Islam as well. Then the three of them went to meet the Prophet to Islam.

The Mu’tah War was a war between 3000 Muslims and a combined army of 200,000 people from the Ghassans and Romans.

At first, the Muslim troops were led by Zaid bin Harithah, then after being killed he was replaced by Ja’far bin Abi Thalin and after being killed also later replaced by Abdullah bin Rawahah.

After Abdullah was also killed, the Muslims were confused because there was no leader.

In the end, the banner as a sign of the war leader was given to Khalid bin Walid, who at that time was still a new convert to Islam.

Ustadz Khalid Basalamah recounted the clever strategy of war which was then carried out by Khalid bin Walid in a video on the Segimoe Youtube channel on September 24, 2020.

On the night after Abdullah bin Rawahah’s death, Khalid bin Walid ordered no one to sleep in order to strategize.

Finally, Khalid bin Walid removed 600 men from the main army and divided them into a small army of 50 men.

That means there are about 6 small troops which are then separated from the main army.

These troops were ordered to retreat towards Medina and take the dried palm leaves.

When the third takbir is heard from the main army, the first group of 50 people must advance, then the next group will follow.

In addition, Khalid bin Walid also ordered all troops to change clothes. No one should wear clothes that are stained with blood or dirty clothes, everything must be clean.

Khalid bin Walid also changed the troops in the front to the rear and the ones behind changed to the front.

Meanwhile, the troops on the right wing were replaced with the left wing, and vice versa.

The next day, Khalid bin Walid recited the takbir twice and the entire army followed.

When the third takbir, all the troops attacked and the army of 50 men who were far behind in the direction of Medina also advanced.

Because of this, the enemy troops became confused because they seemed to be facing new troops with new faces and clothes.

Not long after, the first 50 men came by dragging the palm fronds with their horses until the dust flew.

The enemy thought it was reinforcements from Medina. Since there was a lot of dust flying around, the enemy didn’t know how many there were, but it looked like a lot.

Likewise, when the second, third and so on 50 people came to scare the enemy.

Finally, Heraclius as the Roman leader ordered all troops to retreat because 3000 people could not be defeated for six days, let alone there were new troops.

Because the enemy troops retreated, Khalid bin Walid also ordered the Muslims to retreat so that the enemy did not know the real facts about their numbers and their strategy.

With this, the Muslims gained victory against Ghassan who was assisted by the Romans, one of the largest and most powerful empires at that time.

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