The story of the Prophet Yahya, a person who cares and is full of love, worthy of imitation



The story of the Prophet Yahya, a person who cares and is full of love, worthy of imitation

Muslimcreed Prophet Yahya AS is the 23rd prophet and apostle who deserves to be trusted. Prophet Yahya is a child who is eagerly awaited by Prophet Zakaria AS.


In his old age, Prophet Zakariya and his barren wife had not been blessed with children. Then both of them prayed with tenderness to Allah SWT.

Prophet Yahya was born on 1 BC. A number of narrations state that Prophet Yahya was born three months earlier than the birth of Prophet Isa AS.

Prophet Yahya grew up to be a smart child, well behaved, and good at holding back his lust.

Since the time of his birth, the life of Prophet Yahya a.s. never lonely with events that shake faith. He was born at the age of his father (Prophet Zakaria) was old (so it looks as if Allah will not give him offspring).

Prophet Yahya was born in a society that is divided into two large groups, people who take advantage of circumstances to satisfy their lusts. Also, people who long for a savior who will bring people to a prosperous life in servitude to Him alone).

Prophet Yahya during his life never made a mistake, was very devoted and did good to his parents, was not harsh and arrogant. He is a humble and gentle person, given respect and safety by Allah SWT, and is protected from danger and disease.

Prophet Yahya was famous as a person who loved animals very much. One day, Prophet Yahya rebuked his friends who played torturing a bird. Prophet Yahya asked his friends to release the bird.

At the time of birth, death and the Day of Judgment, he was resurrected with glory before his Lord. As explained in the Qur’an QS. Maryam verses 14-15.

To find out more about the story of the Prophet Yahya, the following has been summarized by through various sources.

Caring and Loving Personal

Allah gave a merciful nature (al-hanan) to Yahya a.s. since his youth Al-Hanan is a deep love for other parties that appears not because of compassion alone but because of the depth of knowledge and understanding (that everything God created is not in vain).

Through this al-hanan character, Yahya the teenager grew and developed into a person who was focused and maximally carried out the task of servitude (because he was aware of his position before Allah as His servant), ascetic of the world (because he realized that the world is mortal and only a place to stop). temporary), and caring (because they believe that humans are representatives of God who must manage and prosper the earth according to His will).

The story of the Prophet Yahya as a teenager

Yahya, a teenager, expresses his affection for all of His creatures. He doesn’t just love his fellow human beings. Even the birds, mountains, deserts, and wild animals that he loved were no exception.

Yahya, the teenager, realizes that all of God’s creations have been determined for their use and benefits for human life, which must be explored and known by humans in order to maximize them as optimally as possible.

The Character of the Prophet Yahya’s Zuhud that is Exemplary

Yahya is a prophet who is a mirror of worship, asceticism, and love. Prophet Yahya expressed his love for all creatures. It is loved by humans, birds, beasts, even deserts and mountains. Prophet Yahya’s blood was shed when he tried to defend the truth that he conveyed in the court of the tyrant king.

The tragic event is related to a prostitute dancer. Many scholars mention the virtues of Yahya. Yahya was a contemporary of Prophet Isa and was one of his closest relatives from the mother’s side (his aunt’s son).

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