The Story Of The Thief Who Made Hasan Al Bana Realize The Importance Of Keeping Knowledge In His Heart


Muslimcreed – Hasan Al Bana is a prominent Muslim scholar who is known to collect thousands of books in his library. Until one day, Hasan Al Bana’s house was infiltrated by a thief who wanted to drain his wealth.


This story is told in the book Acts and ‘Ibrah by Syofyan Hadi. The story begins when several thieves break into the security of Hasan Al Bana’s house.

Hasan Al Bana and his family were taken hostage by a herd of thieves so that they could freely carry their belongings into their homes. At a point where the treasure of Hasan Al Bana was stolen by thieves, they also saw a row of books in Hasan Al Bana’s cupboard.

When the thieves were about to take action to steal the book, Hasan Al Bana did not remain silent. He finally raised his voice and said to the thieves.

“You may take the entire contents of this house all, except, I beg you not to take any of my books. Because these books are very valuable to me more than all my other possessions. In these books are stored knowledge I have,” he said.

Hearing this, the thieves were surprised until one of them replied, “I am surprised, this is the first time I have seen a great scholar who is afraid of his books being taken.”

Unexpectedly, instead of stealing Hasan Al Bana’s books, the thief gave Hasan Al Bana some advice. The advice is even known to make Hasan Al Bana aware of his negligence in maintaining and applying his knowledge.

“I know why you are afraid of these books being taken because you haven’t put the knowledge that is in the books in your heart and chest. The knowledge is still stored in these papers,” said one thief.

“Know Hasan Al Bana, that knowledge is in the chest not on these papers. If you have transferred everything on this paper into your chest, of course, all of this means nothing to you and of course, you will not be afraid if this paper was stolen by someone else,” continued the thief.

After revealing this, the thieves disappeared from Hasan Al Bana’s sight and returned all the stolen property.

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Syofian Hadi believes that this story gives a message to the readers about the importance of putting knowledge in the heart. Because the heart is the best last estuary where knowledge resides in humans.


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