The tale of the sheikh of Egypt and the lady that isn’t veiled

The tale of the sheikh of Egypt and the lady that isn't veiled The cleric and respected preacher from Egypt that passed away in 1996, Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazali said:


A lady clothed ‘inappropriately’ strolled right into my workplace. I was a bit unpleasant when I saw her look for the very first time. But from the search in his eyes, he looked unfortunate and confused. “This lady deserves pity,” I thought. I took a seat, paying attention to the grievances he communicated to me carefully.

From the sidelines of the discussion, I understood that the lady was an Arab lady that was informed in France, and understood almost absolutely nothing about Islam, the religious beliefs she accepted. To him, I attempted to discuss the nature of Islam, answering a variety of questions and questions he asked. As well as expose various exists communicated by the orientalists.

I also remember to mention about the modern civilization which often settings ladies as “meat” to please desire, that doesn’t know beauty, serenity, and the meaning of iffah in the family.

“Permit me someday to go back to this place to satisfy you, Shaykh,” said the lady. He also asked to leave.

Not lengthy back a boy with a spiritual look was available in shouting at me: “What makes such a filthy lady come here?”

I replied: “The duty of a physician is to recover the ill before the healthy and balanced.”

He interrupted, “Why didn’t you recommend him to wear the hijab? !!!”

I said: “The point that the lady was facing was a lot larger compared to simply wearing or removing the hijab. There’s a procedure that must be passed, that relates to the significance of Belief in Allah and the Day of Judgment, affirming the meaning of obeying the revelations included in the Qur’an and as-Sunnah, as well as the core columns of this religious beliefs in the aspect of worship and morals…”

Again he cut me off. “Aren’t these points not a challenge for you to ask her to wear the hijab?”

Smoothly I attempted to discuss, that I could not be more than happy to see that lady came here while her heart was barren from the grandeur of Allah Almighty, her life didn’t acknowledge bowing and prostration. In truth, I am attempting to grow in his heart a variety of structures which, if the structure is securely grown, will immediately make him recognize the importance of covering his aurat.

When the boy will disrupt me for the umpteenth time, I said firmly;

“I cannot draw in individuals to Islam through an item of cloth as you often do. But I attempt to lay a structure, after that begin improving it, and convey everything with knowledge.”

2 weeks later the lady returned to me in better clothes compared to before. He protected hiswith a slim item of cloth. He again inquired about Islam, and I returned to answer his questions. After that I asked:

“Why do not you most likely to the mosque closest to your house (to ask these questions)?”

Although in completion I regret asking this because I keep in mind that ladies are prohibited to visit the mosque.

But the young lady replied: “I dislike the preachers and don’t want to pay attention to their talks”

“Why?” I asked strangely enough.

“Their hearts are hard, they are harsh. They treat me with disdain.”

All of a sudden I remembered the number of Hindunbintu ‘Utbah, spouse of Abu Sufyan -radhiyallahu’anhuma-. A lady that in her kufr duration brutally eliminated and consumed the heart of the Prophet’s uncle SayyidanaHamzah. During that time he didn’t know the Prophet, Muhammad. But after accepting Islam and learning more about the Carrier of Allah, he approached and uttered a heart-fluttering sentence:

يا رسول الله, والله ما كان على ظهر الأرض أهل خباء أحب أن يذلوا من أهل خبائك, وما أصبح اليوم على ظهر الأرض أهل خباء أحب إلي أن يعزوا من أهل خبائك

“O Carrier of Allah, by Allah, in the previous there wasn’t a solitary householder externally of this planet that I wanted them to humiliate other than the residents of your house, now there’s not a solitary householder externally of this planet that I want them to recognize various other compared to the residents of your house.”

The light of love and empathy that radiates from the heart of the Carrier of Allah can change the problem of the heart of everybody that sees it. So have today’s preachers gained from the number of their Prophet, so that they become preachers that unify, not split? Being a preacher that gives great information, does not it make individuals run far from religious beliefs?

*) Excerpted from the work of Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazali, Al-Haqq al-Murr, which is equated in the Indonesian version under the title The Bitter Reality.


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