The virtues and requirements for studying to increase the spirit of learning



The virtues and requirements for studying to increase the spirit of learning – Islam was revealed as compassion for the universe (rahmatan lil ‘alamin) and this can only be done by people who have knowledge. That is why Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW oblige humans to never stop learning during their life through the Qur’an, Sunnah, and Hadith about seeking knowledge.


The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam was also sent by Allah to improve human life through knowledge and knowledge. He showed that people who are knowledgeable and have faith in Allah can form good morals, so that they can love and cherish this universe.

However, in everyday life, maybe Muslim friends often encounter people who use their knowledge for something that is not good. They are a group of humans with bad morals that can harm humans and other living things around them.

Phenomena like this can arise because of an imbalance between world knowledge and religious knowledge (morals).

Humans who have extensive knowledge but are not accompanied by religious knowledge at all, tend to take actions that damage the earth and fellow human beings. That is why, religious knowledge, good manners and morals must be taught from a young age.

The Virtue of Seeking Knowledge in the Qur’an and As-Sunnah

The importance of knowledge for humans is so important that Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW also mention some of the virtues of knowledge in the Qur’an and As-Sunnah, including:

– Knowledge as a sign of the goodness of Allah SWT

Allah makes it easy for humans to understand and learn knowledge so that humans understand that He has willed goodness for themselves and guides them to things that He is pleased with.

With knowledge, a person’s life will become more meaningful, his future is brighter, and he can achieve pleasures that have never been felt in this world.

– Knowledge as a savior from the curse of Allah SWT

– Knowledge is the Path to Heaven

when a man goes out of his house to seek knowledge, then it will be the reason he enters heaven. With a note, you must study science with full sincerity.

That way, it will be easier for you to understand what is good and what is bad; which are lawful and which are unlawful; which one is right and which one is vanity; and you will be encouraged to apply the knowledge you have learned. This is what makes a human being a servant who is pleased with Allah SWT because he has followed the guidance of His Messenger and heaven is a reward from Allah for the servant who is pleased with Him.

– Knowledge is more important than worship

knowledge is more important than other worship, such as sunnah fasting, sunnah prayer, and so on. In addition, knowledge is also part of the most noble worship.

Requirements that must be met to study

According to Imam Al-Zarnuji, a friend of the Prophet Ali bin Abi Talib, there are 6 requirements for studying, namely:


The first requirement that you must fulfill to study is to have intelligence. Because, as Imam Ghazali said, a smart person knows that he doesn’t know something and that’s why he learns it.

In this case, intelligent is not a person’s level of intelligence, but rather not crazy. This means that you must be sane and aware. Can distinguish black from white, numbers one and two.

Greedy (Hirsun)

Greedy is synonymous with bad nature, but in studying greed is also needed. For something positive, greed can also be interpreted as a strong will and spirit.

In other words, being greedy for knowledge is the same as not giving up even though you have to face various difficulties and sufferings during the learning process or seeking knowledge. More than that, throughout his life he will not stop seeking new knowledge.

Be patient

In addition to never giving up when faced with various obstacles, someone who studies knowledge must also be patient through each process. Patience here can also be interpreted as steadfast in the face of trials or accepting if there are things that are not wearing.

Therefore, Grameds must always surrender to Allah SWT. With a note, you also need to give your best effort to fix the difficult situation you are facing.


Seeking knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim from birth to the last day on earth. Knowledge here is not only obtained from formal education, but also non-formal education.

Unfortunately, to gain knowledge also requires capital or supplies that are not small. Both in the form of money, energy, time, and thoughts. Hence, some people who are less well off decide to drop out of school for reasons of cost.

However, this is only a small part of it, because the majority of people who are less able will actually try their best to study as high as possible. With all their shortcomings, they are still able to complete their education.

This proves that Allah will certainly suffice the sustenance of everyone who is studying, as promised by the Prophet Muhammad. On the other hand, it also shows the power of belief is real.

Thus, no matter how tough your current condition is, keep trying and believe in the power and help of Allah SWT, and keep looking for other ways that you can use to study.

Teacher’s Instructions

Not a few people who get lost while studying because they do not get instructions from a teacher. In the era of technology like now, you can indeed learn many things on your own because sources of knowledge are everywhere. However, make sure you have a teacher who can give you advice and guidance.

Long Time

Because science itself is very, very broad or even has no end, then of course it takes a long time to learn it, as the saying goes “Seek knowledge to the grave”. For example, if you want to become a lecturer, then you must first graduate from elementary, junior high, high school, and college which takes approximately 16 years.

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