Understanding the Meaning of Yaumul Milad and also Examples of Meaningful Speeches


MUSLIMCREED Every human being born in this world must have a birthday. Therefore, there are many people who will give greetings to others when the birthday arrives or you can also get birthday wishes from friends, relatives, or family.


In Islam, happy birthday is also known as Yaumul Milad. Then, what is meant by Yaumul Milad? On this occasion we will learn together about the meaning of Yaumul Milad and also examples of Yaumul Milad’s words. For more details, read this article to the end.

Meaning of Milad and how to use it

The word Yaumul Milad consists of two words, namely yaumul and milad. The term yaumul comes from the word yaum which means ‘day’.

The word or term milad may be familiar to the general public, especially those who are Muslim. The reason is, the word milad often appears on various social media to daily conversations or even in certain moments. Even though it is a fairly popular word, in fact there are still many people who do not know what milad really means.

Then, if the two words are combined, it can be interpreted that yaumul milad is the day of birth. This one phrase is usually used to give greetings to those who are having a birthday.

Yaumul milad greeting is only used when very happy, getting older, and on the day of his birth into the world in a healthy and safe condition. Saying yaumul milad is very popular and widely used by Muslims in Indonesia when someone has a birthday.

Sometimes as a congratulation, the word milad is often preceded by other words such as yaumul, so that it becomes yaumul milad. Thus, the meaning of the word milad in the expression yaumul milad can be said to be “happy birthday”. So, the meaning of yaumul milad is the same as saying ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy birthday’.

Besides being preceded by the word yaumul, the word milad as a congratulations is also often accompanied by the expression barakallah, barakallah fii umrik, and so on. Therefore, in congratulation, the meaning of milad or yaumul milad is not only a birthday, but also a meaningful congratulation and prayer.

How to Answer Happy Birthday

As explained above, the meaning of milad can mean a happy birthday. Like getting congratulations and prayers in general, when we get a yaumul milad or happy birthday, we should reply to the greeting. This is because in Islam, repaying kindness with kindness is a must.

The meaning of milad in yaumul milad is often accompanied by good prayers, so, we can just reply to these words with good prayers too. One of the expressions or sayings that can be used to answer yaumul milad is Jazakallahu khairan which means, “May Allah reward you with your kindness”.

Ruling on Saying Yaumul Milad or Happy Birthday

How is it legal to pronounce Yaumul Milad? The law of wishing a happy birthday in Islam is permissible or permissible. Saying happy birthday is allowed in Islam but it is neither reward nor sin.

Congratulating milad or happy birthday in Islam is permissible or permissible. Mubah is an act that tends to be recommended, but there is no guarantee of reward.

On the condition that there is no element of harm or ugliness in it, either in the pronunciation or the intention in saying it.

If you don’t do it, you won’t be rewarded or sinful. Permissible law is often applied to cases that are mundane in nature. All human actions basically depend on their intentions. It is the intention that will determine the value of the action. As long as it doesn’t conflict with Islamic law, all things are worth doing, including wishing you a happy birthday.

The Law of Celebrating Birthdays

How is it legal to celebrate birthdays? In Islam itself, there is actually no special shari’a in doing this, even in celebrating birthdays, some opinions say that the law is permissible. As long as it’s not mixed up with things that are forbidden in Islam.

In celebrating a birthday, it would be nice to celebrate it with family or closest relatives. This is because in this day and age, most people celebrate birthdays are always filled with something that is forbidden in Islam.

For example, filled with drinking, mixing opposite sex, displaying bad statues or pictures as decorations, playing music, and other bad things. So, it can be said that celebrating the birthday is filled with bad things, then the law becomes haram.

Examples of Birthday Greetings in Arabic

1. “Eid milad sa’eid.” (Happy birthday!)

2. “Eid milad sa’eid lak!” (Happy birthday to you!)

3. “Istamti’ bi heidi miladik!” (Enjoy your birthday.)

4. “Mabruk alpha mabruk, yaum miladik mabruk!” (Blessings of a thousand blessings, your birthday is a blessing!)

5. “Miladuki(ka) saidah, barakallah fii umrik.” (May you always be blessed in the rest of your life in this world and in the hereafter.)

6. “Yaumul milad, barakallah fii umrik.” (Happy birthday, may Allah bestow blessings in increasing your age.)

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