Views of Breastfeeding in Islam and the Benefits of Breastfeeding for Child Growth

Views of Breastfeeding in Islam and the Benefits of Breastfeeding for Child Growth

Views of Breastfeeding in Islam and the Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a very beneficial activity, not only for the mother but also for the baby. Breastfeeding is so beneficial, that Islam calls for mothers to start breastfeeding and recommends breastfeeding their children for up to two years.

Launching from Learnreligion, in Islam, both parents and children have rights and obligations. Breastfeeding from the mother is considered a child’s right, and breastfeeding is highly recommended if the mother is able.

As mentioned in QS AL-Baqarah verse 233, mothers are ordered to breastfeed their children for two full years if they want to breastfeed perfectly. Meanwhile, it is the duty of the father to bear the expenses and clothing of the mother and child in an appropriate manner.

Keep in mind that a mother is not burdened more than she can bear. So, let not a mother suffer because of her child and neither should a father suffer because of his child. The heirs are (obligated) like that too.

if both want to wean by agreement between them, then it is said that there will be no sin between them. And if you want to breastfeed someone else’s child, then there is no sin for you to make payments in an appropriate way. Fear Allah and know that Allah is All-Seeing of what you do.

Therefore, Islam strongly recommends breastfeeding but recognizes that for various reasons, parents may be unable or unwilling to complete until the recommended two years.

The decision about breastfeeding and weaning time is also expected to be a joint decision by both parents, taking into account what is best for the family.

Islam recognizes the importance of breastfeeding for the growth and development of a child and the special bond that develops between the nursing woman and the baby. A woman who substantially cares for a child (more than five times before the age of two) becomes the nursing mother of the child, which is a relationship with special rights according to Islamic law.

It should also be noted, Mother, that a child who is breastfed will be recognized as a sibling of the other adopted mother’s children, and as a mahram for the woman. Adoptive mothers in Muslim countries sometimes try to fulfill this breastfeeding requirement, so that their adopted child can be more easily integrated into the family.

So, Allah has declared a child’s right to get breast milk. The world health organization has issued a statement urging mothers to breastfeed their children. While Islam itself required it centuries ago,

As is known, the benefits of breastfeeding are undeniable, including the following:

  • 1. Mother’s milk is sterile, does not contain germs. So, breast milk is very healthy.
  • 2. Mother’s milk cannot be imitated by any milk made from cow, goat or camel milk. Breast milk is arranged in such a way to meet the child’s needs day by day, from birth to weaning.
  • 3. Mother’s milk contains enough protein and sugar to suit the baby completely.
  • 4. The development of children who are breastfed is faster and more complete than those who are bottle fed.
  • 5. Psychological and emotional bonds between mother and child are more developed.
  • 6. Mother’s milk contains various elements that are important for child nutrition, and the right amount according to the needs of the child’s body.
  • 7. Mother’s milk is stored at an appropriate temperature that meets the needs of the child, and can be given to the child at any time.
  • 8. Breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive for mothers, and is free from complications that may accompany it.

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