Virtue and law come to walimatul Ursy


MUSLIMCREED In society, Walimatul Ursy is often referred to as a wedding reception. Walimatul Ursy itself is interpreted as an event of thanksgiving to Allah SWT for the implementation of the marriage contract. In society, Walimatul Ursy is often referred to as a wedding party or reception.


Walimah means gathering. Meanwhile, the meaning of walimah itself is a special banquet for marriage. The Walimatul Ursy prayer is commonly read after the marriage contract as an expression of gratitude to Allah SWT for the implementation of the marriage.

Marriage is a transitional phase of human life from adolescence and youth to family life. Marriage is a way that has been chosen by Allah SWT as a way for humans to legally fulfill their biological needs in order to avoid the pit of sin by committing adultery. Marriage is also an effort to obtain offspring and inner peace.

Marriage is also a sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, even the Prophet Muhammad stated that people who hate marriage are not included in their group.

The Law Comes to Walimatul Ursy

In Islamic teachings, every Muslim who gets an invitation from a friend or relative who is getting married has an obligation to attend it.

The law of walimatul ursy is sunnah. However, the implementation must still be considered, such as offering prayers for the bride and groom. Muslims are encouraged to read wedding prayers for the good of the bride and groom.

Rasulullah SAW said that the law in fulfilling invitations such as wedding receptions or walimatul ursy is mandatory. Not only that, the Prophet Muhammad SAW ordered that prospective guests who are fasting should also come to fulfill the invitation.

Indonesians have a tradition of holding weddings or walimatul ursy. The groom and bride invite family, relatives, neighbors and friends in this happy moment. Even so, there is a prayer that the invited guests can do to the bride and groom who hold the walimatul ursy.

Often Muslims give a short prayer ‘Samawa’ which has three words long, namely ‘sakinah, mawaddah, warahmah’ to people who have just married. However, it turns out that it is also good to read a prayer for the bride and groom who are happy.

In Islam, fulfilling the invitation of a Muslim is prescribed, but this is subject to the following conditions:

– The person who invites is a Muslim,

– The person who invites does not openly commit immorality,

– There is no immorality that cannot be eliminated in the event to be held.

However, there is one invitation that according to the majority of scholars must be fulfilled, namely a wedding invitation, and invitations other than marriage are only recommended (not mandatory). However, it is obligatory to fulfill the walimah invitation if it fulfills the three conditions previously mentioned.

The virtues of marriage

Marriage is one of the most beautiful moments in the life of a Muslim and Muslimah. In fact, in Islam, there is great virtue in a marriage.

1. Perfecting half of religion

One of the great virtues of marriage is to complete half of the religions. In addition, the scholars explain that a person’s religion can be damaged by two things, namely the genitals and the stomach. The genitals will lead to adultery, while the stomach can lead a person to greed. Therefore, with marriage, we have fortified ourselves from one of the two things, namely adultery.

2. Open the door of rizki

Another virtue of marriage is Allah’s promise to provide for those who marry. Unfortunately, this is often an obstacle for someone to get married.

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