When the sound of Bilal Bin Rabah’s sandals is heard in heaven

When the sound of Bilal Bin Rabah's sandals is heard in heaven

Muslimcreed – Every Muslim must know the figure of the companion of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, Bilal bin Rabah.

Bilal bin Rabah is a friend of the Prophet who is a muezzin, the person who calls the call to prayer every 5 times a prayer will be held.

The companion of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam had a special practice so that the Prophet heard the sound of his sandals in heaven.

The story of the Prophet’s companions about Bilal bin Rabah. He was the first muezzin who got the direct trust of the Prophet Muhammad to announce the call to prayer as a marker for the call to prayer. Bilal was so special that even the sound of his sandals was heard by the Prophet Muhammad in heaven.

The story of the companions of the prophet Bilal who came from Habsyah, -now Ethiopia- black skinned including As-Sabiqun al-Awwalun who was the first to convert to Islam. He was one of 5 people who first believed in Allah and acknowledged the prophethood of Muhammad SAW.

When he converted to Islam, Bilal was still a slave of the Umayyads. Umayah, who did not want her slave to convert to Islam, tortured Bilal by drying him under the hot sun. Quoted from islami.co, even Bilal’s chest was crushed by a black stone until his breath hitched.

Everything was done by Umayyad so that Bilal left Islam to return to worshiping Latta and Uzza. But Bilal persisted in his Islam. The severity of the torture he received did not make him waver and leave Islam.

The story of the next companion of the prophet, Abu Bakr, who saw the events of the punishment then freed Bilal. Since then Bilal always accompanied the Messenger of Allah. Bilal is one of the companions of the Prophet who is guaranteed to enter heaven.

Have you ever heard the story of the sound of Bilal Bin Rabah’s sandals being heard in heaven?

It was Bilal bin Rabah who was a friend of the Prophet Muhammad. It is known that Bilal bin Rabah had a special practice that made his sandals heard in heaven.

The story of the companions of the Prophet, as narrated by Abu Hurairah in a Muslim Hadith, one time after the Fajr prayer, the Prophet SAW said to Bilal, ‘O Bilal, tell me about your deeds that you hope for the most benefit in Islam. Because last night I heard the sound of your slipping (a type of footwear) in front of me in heaven,”

Bilal RA replied, “There is not a single deed that I have ever done, which I hope for more benefits in Islam than (my hope for) my actions of always praying (sunnah) which I am able to do every time I complete purification (ablution) perfectly during the day. or night.”

By the Prophet, Bilal was chosen as a muezzin because he has a beautiful and loud voice so that it can be heard from a long distance. He also received the title as Muezzin Rasulullah. He is the one who always calls the call to prayer every obligatory prayer arrives.

When the Prophet died on Monday 12 Rabiul Awal in 11 Hijriyah or on June 8, 633 AD, Bilal bin Rabbah decided to stop being a Muezzin of the Apostles. He could not bear the sadness left by the Prophet.

Every time he recited the call to prayer, until he recited, Ashhadu anna Muhammadan Rasulullah, his tears broke and his heart trembled. Unable to contain his sadness, Bilal decided to leave Medina.

Bilal joined the Fathul Islam (Islamic Liberation) troops to Sham, and then lived in Homs, and lived in Syria, now Syria. That is the story of the companions of the prophet about Bilal bin Rabbah.

This story really provides an example for us to keep the practice so that Allah is pleased with us.

If you are persistent or consistent in carrying out good deeds, God willing, there will be good things to come.

Not only goodness, consistent practice can also lead a servant to enter heaven.

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