Why did Prophet Muhammad move to Medina?


Muslimcreed – The hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and his buddies opened up a brand-new phase in the da’wah initiative to spread out Islam. For that, there are a variety of reasons the Prophet Muhammad moved to Medina.

Not just by the will of Allah SWT that selected Medina as the dar al hijrah or place of movement and Markaz advertisement da’wah or fasts of da’wah, another factor for choosing Medina was its very tactical place.

“Medina has an all-natural fortress of military protection, which isn’t owned by a close-by city in the Arabian Peninsula,” composed by Abul Hasan al-Ali Hasani an-Nadwi in Sirah Nabawiyah.

Medina is a city with a paddle of hand trees and thick plants that became all-natural military protection. Because battle soldiers can just go through narrow roadways and are not appropriate for military strategy.

Additionally, the qualities of the city of Medina are also according to the summary of the Prophet Muhammad when he was inspired by Allah SWT about the city he wanted to choose as a place of movement. Rasulullah SAW said,

“Certainly, I have seen the land where you moved, which has day hand trees and lies in between 2 towns,” (HR Ahmad).

The factor for the Prophet Muhammad’s movement to Medina is also thought by various other histories. Here is a complete description.

Why did Prophet Muhammad move to Medina?

1. Torture and Disruption from the Quraysh

Not a couple of fans of the Prophet Muhammad SAW received torture from the Quraysh to life. On the other hand, he wasn’t constantly able to protect them.

After that, he said to them, “Suppose you most likely to the land of Habsyah. Certainly, there’s a king that will not be wronged by those that are close to him. The land of Habsyah is the land of righteousness. You should stay there until Allah gives you space. “

At the call of the Prophet SAW, finally, a team of Muslims including 10 guys and 4 ladies most likely to the land of Habsyah. This, later on, became the first hijrah for Muslims.

It wasn’t enough to torment their fans, the Quraysh also made various initiatives to disrupt and impede the Prophet Muhammad in his preaching. This was set off by their failing to draw in youths that transformed to Islam, while the da’wah of the Prophet Muhammad didn’t slacken.


History of the Muslim Adhan

2. Baiat of the Ansar (Medina)

Before the production of the second hijrah, there was a vow of allegiance from individuals of Medina two times. The first allegiance occurred on Mount Aqaba which was attended by 13 individuals.

They vowed to accept Islam. This occasion is known as the Aqabah I Contract.

After that, the second allegiance in 622 AD was known as the Aqabah II Contract. Some narrations say that 73 individuals took this vow.

Prophet Muhammad SAW asked the Ansar to take allegiance to protect Islam and protect him and his fans. After that, he ordered the buddies and Muslims in the Capital to visit Medina.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Verily, Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla has provided you siblings in a risk-free land.”

His buddies and fans gathered in Medina. On the other hand, Prophet Muhammad SAW stayed in the Capital until he waited for Allah’s consent to emigrate.

3. Preaching

The last and essential reason the Prophet Muhammad moved to Medina was to perform the rate of passions of Islamic da’wah as well as energy to lighten his concern of bringing out his responsibilities.

The factor is, information about the degree of the altruistic location, its kinds, as well as its coverage at various degrees and social condition of individuals of Capital can be known through emigration.


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