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Several factors can be identified as responsible for rapid growth of Christianity in Yoruba land especially Lagos.

YORUBA ISLAMIC PRAYER. Minimal Muslim Influence Detected A number of scholars today reject the Yoruban historical narrative on the assumption that it reflects not actual history but the impact of Muslim literary sources on indigenous African oral traditions25 It is theorized that as the keepers of tradition became familiar with Islamic sources they manipulated their history in order to invent a prestigious pedigree to compete with. Once the holy month of Ramadhan is over the pious get ready to celebrate Eid al-Fitr Feast of Fast-Breaking to thank the Almighty who enabled them to fast and to remember the needy and the indigent. It was reported that when the Malians came when its time for prayers they usually asked for a shield where they can pray from their Yoruba host and as time goes by their Yoruba hosts start joining them in prayers and that was how Islam came about in Yorubaland.

Yoruba Islamic Music Download Latest and old Yoruba Islamic songs Music Mp3 Song Audio. A replacement dimension to Ifa prediction was an odd corpus of Ifa referred to as Odu Imale that was completely preserved for a replacement born baby that may later be accepted and experienced Islam. A Wonderful Yoruba Prayer.

In Yoruba cultural analysis of Ifa divinity each new born baby was taken to Ifa for future consultation popularly referred to as Ikosejaye. The traditional full Yoruba prostration involves the prostrator lying down almost prone with his feet extended behind his torso while the rest of his weight is propped up on both hands. Download Latest and old Yoruba Islamic songs Music Mp3 Song Audio.

A Wonderful Yoruba Prayer. Type A Prayer In Your Dialect. 2017 Yoruba Islamic songs 2018 Yoruba Islamic songs 2019 Yoruba Islamic songs 2020 Islamic songs Ibrahim Labaika Owo Adura Ibrahim Labaika Olohun Ose.

Download Latest and old Yoruba Islamic songs Music Mp3 Song Audio. 720am On May 27 2013. Once it becomes known that the next day is going to be the Eid it is.

Na so ur enemy life go be. – Religion – Nairaland. Islam came to metropolis in eighteenth century whereas the primary house of prayer was in-built 1774.

2017 Yoruba Islamic songs 2018 Yoruba Islamic songs 2019 Yoruba Islamic songs 2020 Islamic songs Qomardeen Aiyeloyun. Type A Prayer In Your Dialect. Being an ancient town and the city that Yoruba Muslims are proud of for its Islamic heritage no one expect such a great land to have a king comparing the likes of Oodua Luwo Gbagida and Adekola Telu to the prophets of Almighty Allah.

It is also customary on such an occasion to give gifts to the members of the family especially children. Islamic tradition standardized the excessive polygamous marriage in Yoruba and curtailed the culture of mal-treating women as mere slaves and appendages. In Yoruba land when Islam challenges has not outgrown to great enmity Christianity also grew side by side with Islam.

Aggressive evangelism was a notable strategy for growth. In traditional and contemporary Yoruba culture younger male family and community members greet elders by assuming a position called dobale. If anybody say u no go make am hear dis.

Yoruba accepted Islam from Malian merchantstraders. Societal culture like Ojude-Oba among others in Ijebu-Ode were established after the legendary warrior Balogun Kuku accepted Islam and became Muhammed Bello Kuku. Sking for them the peace and blessing as it is being said to the Prophets.

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